LKPB Engineers provides practical, energy-efficient mechanical and electrical engineering solutions. Our services are highly-strategic and well-executed to help you reach your objectives. To understand the benefits of partnering with LKPB Engineers, it’s best to start by getting to know who we are.

A Trusted Partner.
We combine dependable service with a forward-thinking approach for a smooth process and long-lasting results. When you partner with LKPB Engineers, you can trust us to create solutions that are tailored to your exact needs. We do more than offer one-time, short-term services for our clients. Throughout the entire process, you can count on our team to guide you toward the right solutions, and follow up with you to ensure your success.

Maximum Performance, Minimal Risk.
We specialize in improving performance and energy-efficiency through quality-focused processes. Our carefully-crafted solutions allow you to increase performance while also limiting your risk.

Experienced Specialists.
LKPB Engineers has been providing mechanical and electrical engineering consulting services for more than 48 years. Our highly-experienced team includes mechanical and electrical engineers who are registered in 29 states. We provide services for corporate, commercial, educational, healthcare, municipal, entertainment, recreational facilities, and more.

Focused on Results.
Whether you’re building a brand new structure, or renovating an existing one, you want your completed project to be as problem-free as possible. We specialize in providing highly-tailored, low-maintenance solutions for our clients, and are known for creating almost flawless projects.

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