Sanford Elementary School Addition

Location: Minneapolis, MN
Partnerships: Miller Dunwiddie Architecture

One of the more difficult challenges for public schools is to meet ever-changing student enrollment. Sanford Middle School faced this challenge in 2014 when its then enrollment of 760 students was expected to increase to 960 by Fall 2017. Added to that were the additional issues that any 90-year-old building faces. The Minneapolis Public Schools decided to expand and modernize Sanford, adding approximately 37,000 square feet and remodeling another 11,000. The addition included a new gymnasium with bleacher seating, 12 new classrooms, new science labs, and a redesigned main entrance on 42nd Avenue South. An existing gym became a new band room, air conditioning was added to the school overall, redesigned site lighting increased security and exterior appearance, and sustainable design was used in all lighting, electrical, and mechanical equipment.

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