Carleton College Residence Halls

Location: Northfield, MN
Partnerships: LHB
Accolades: Carleton College is one of nine LKPB Engineers, an IMEG Company school clients that are on Forbes' "Best Colleges in America" list. LEED Gold Project.

Cassat and James Halls opened for student housing use in September 2009. LKPB Engineers, an IMEG Company provided complete mechanical and electrical design for the adjacent, eco-friendly buildings that have a combined size of 93,000 square feet. Design features include a radiant in-floor heating system that is expected to reduce the project's heating costs by nearly 12 percent. Along with being energy-efficient, radiant heating yields higher and more uniform comfort levels than conventional systems and it is low maintenance. A photovoltaic power system and a solar thermal hot water system are additional "green" design elements. Photovoltaic panels installed on James Hall convert the sun's energy directly into electricity for building usage. The solar thermal hot water system installed on Cassat Hall heats domestic water with roof-top collectors, and on a peak day can heat water for 130 students. The photovoltaic and solar hot water systems serve both buildings through use of a connecting utility tunnel.

Other sustainable and LEED options on this $27.5 million project include air-to-air heat recovery technology, high-efficiency lighting, motion-controlled lighting, water-conserving plumbing fixtures and daylighting in all occupied rooms. Overall energy usage in the two buildings is recorded (and displayed publicly) through a real-time resource monitoring system.

Carleton College is considered one of the 25 "greenest" colleges in the United States, and the school has been aggressive in supporting campus sustainability initiatives. The overall design of these two buildings reflects both the school's and students' commitment to reduce their carbon footprint.

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