RBC Wealth Management Infill

Location: Minneapolis, MN
Partnerships: Walsh Bishop Associates

RBC Wealth Management, a division of Royal Bank of Canada, serves the needs of high net worth, affluent and institutional clients worldwide. Locally they had employees in two locations in downtown Minneapolis and they decided to consolidate the 1,200 employees into one location at RBC Plaza on Sixth Street. This 158,000 square foot project included a complete renovation of four floors and a restack of another four floors. A major challenge was that all the work needed to be completed during off-hours, either before 6 a.m. or after 5 p.m. Another challenge was meeting the needs of electronic furnishings. Fortunately, all but two floors were “raised” floors, allowing plenty of space for necessary power feeds. Though much of the existing lighting was not redesigned, occupancy sensors were added for more efficient operation.

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