Plumbing design is an often-overlooked component of the overall functionality of a building, but it plays a vital role in the efficiency, sustainability, and even the safety of your facility. A qualified plumbing engineer is able to design plumbing systems that take the whole building into consideration.

Since plumbing design often integrates with other building systems, a plumbing engineer is able to provide valuable insight in the early planning stages of your project.

What We Do
Our plumbing design solutions are designed to work in synchrony with all of your building’s systems. Our comprehensive plumbing design services include:

  • Potable Water Distribution. A building’s domestic water system provides its occupants with potable water. Generally, water is sourced from a municipal water system. This plumbing system must be able to meet the demand for safe, sanitary water.

  • Laboratories. Modern laboratories typically utilize multiple water systems to facilitate tasks such as sterilization and equipment cleaning. We can design protected water systems that meet the unique needs of a laboratory environment.

  • Medical Gases. Gas piping systems are required to supply healthcare facilities with oxygen, nitrogen, nitrous oxide, and other medical gases. Beyond simply providing access to these gases, our medical gas piping systems are designed to ensure a clean, safe system.

  • Compressed Air. Building codes and standards have been established to protect building occupants and staff members when operating compressed air systems. We design and implement compressed air systems that provide maximum energy efficiency and reliable clean air delivery.

  • Natural Gas. Natural gas is a plentiful and efficient fuel. However, natural gas is piped into your facility rather than stored on-site, requiring the installation of a natural gas pipeline. Our team can design a natural gas system that adheres to code requirements while also meeting your fuel needs.

  • Fuel Oil. We have decades of experience in fuel oil piping design, engineering, and safety. Our team will ensure proper pipe sizing, installation, and placement for a safe and reliable fuel oil system you can count on.

Sustainable Plumbing Design
Quality plumbing systems and materials can help ensure more efficient and sustainable water use, for a more environmentally friendly facility. Here are just a few of the design elements we can use in sustainable plumbing design:

  • Pressure. Proper pressure will help fulfill user needs, while also using resources efficiently. While low water pressure will result in poor flow, excessively high pressure can lead to wasted water and even cause additional wear and tear on the plumbing system.

  • System Layout. There are a variety of factors that your plumbing engineer will take into consideration as they plan your system layout. While the layout will generally follow the layout of each room, they must also plan for things such as the placement of your water heating system, any applicable building codes, and noise reduction.

  • Pipe Materials. Just as the layout of your pipes is an important part of your overall plumbing system, the material or materials from which the pipes are made should be carefully considered. Certain materials are better than others depending on factors such as the temperature, pressure, and flow rate of the water, air, or fuel they will be carrying. Sustainable, more environmentally-friendly options are also available.

  • Flow Rate. Flow rate is a crucial consideration. In fact, Building Code requires that sanitary fixtures have an adequate flow rate. Regulating flow will help improve efficiency and allows for a simpler plumbing system design using smaller pipes.

  • Backflow Prevention. The reversal of water into your building’s water supply system, also known as backflow, can result in contamination. A proper backflow prevention system will protect your potable water supply from contaminants.

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