Campus Distribution

In a campus setting, many buildings are linked together through important systems such as water distribution, telecommunications, and more. Water, electricity, and other key utilities must be distributed quickly, efficiently, and reliably to individual buildings.

LKPB Engineers, an IMEG Company provides campus HVAC and mechanical design solutions that balance function and appearance, while also offering ease in maintenance and upkeep. We are continuously working to offer new and cutting-edge materials, equipment, and systems while also utilizing tried and proven methods and materials. The result is a modern, efficient campus that meets the needs of your business.

  • Building Sanitary and Storm. Your campus mechanical design plan must accommodate building sanitary and storm needs. Sanitary and storm sewers keep your campus clean and safe, while also protecting the integrity of your local waterways. As a safety and environmental precaution, only certain non-hazardous chemicals can be disposed of in a sanitary sewer system.

  • Campus HVAC Systems. Efficient HVAC system design combined with proper whole building design can result in substantial energy savings campus-wide. We take a big-picture, whole building approach to developing HVAC systems that will improve comfort, efficiency, and productivity.

  • Steam Distribution. . Often, a university campus is made up of several separate buildings. While each building will vary in size, structure, and purpose, they will all need access to key utilities. A steam or hot water distribution system channels steam or hot water from your campus boiler room or boiler plant through a network of pipes. A well-designed distribution system will help ensure maximum efficiency.

  • Chilled Water Distribution. Chilled water provides you with an energy-efficient and low maintenance way to keep your campus air-conditioning systems running smoothly. In a chilled water system, water is cooled and circulated throughout buildings to cool interior spaces. Our modern, high-performance chilled water distribution systems are designed to:

  • Provide the right amount of cooling capacity
  • Use energy more efficiently
  • Use refrigeration capacity more effectively

  • Flow Analysis. Flow analysis and design modeling allows us to determine if new or existing piping systems have any current or potential issues. The information obtained through the flow analysis process also helps pinpoint the best possible solution for any problems. Through flow analysis, you can identify opportunities to conserve energy, increase system uptime, and minimize system losses. Our highly versatile flow analysis services are perfect for:

  • Planning expansions of current systems
  • Designing new systems more efficiently
  • Viewing and analyzing existing systems and making improvements

To learn more about our campus distribution services, contact LKPB Engineers, an IMEG Company today! We can answer any questions you might have about our services, and help you find the right solutions for your project.

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