Meet the Team

Katie Tisdell

Katie, who has eyes in the back of her head, can catch her children doing activities they shouldn’t be doing without turning around. Not only is she most proud of her family, but first and foremost her personal high is being a runner, which is not something she would have ever thought she would be six years ago. Katie went from running one mile to completing a marathon in about three years. He loves running long distances and she can run in almost any kind of weather. Being an avid volunteer, Katie is an active member of the PTO Board for her daughter’s school. She is also a co-leader of a running group called “Moms Run This Town / She Runs This Town.” Katie helps facilitate and plans group runs, activities, and much more. Since starting with LKPB, she has developed a wide range of skill sets that has allowed Katie to work on Engineering Marketing and Project Management. She has been enjoying utilizing her engineering knowledge and interacting with clients, owners, users, co-workers, and many more.