Meet the Team

Donovan Geske
Senior Associate – Mechanical

Donovan, a secret gardener who loves spending time outdoors, is LKPB’s Mechanical Lead. He has been fortunate enough to travel a fair amount. If Donovan could visit anywhere in the world, he would like to return to Europe one day and explore things deeper. Most of his trips were fast paced and it would be nice for him to pick a spot and dig in for a more in-depth experience. Donovan’s personal high is his family life. He enjoys spending time with his wife and daughters. Volunteering over the years has been a high part of high life as well. Donovan has been focused on school related activities from helping out in the classroom to chaperoning trips. At LKPB Engineers, Donovan has developed many skills. Although not directly engineering, leadership has evolved over the years. Here, he has been given the opportunity to take on increasing amounts of responsibility. Donovan takes his leadership skills seriously and is glad that he can use the skills he’s learned to build and improve processes and mentor his team.