Meet the Team

Brian Paulus

As a “bike whisperer,” Brian has the skills needed for tuning up and repairing bicycles. He says that, “it’s something I enjoy doing in my free time and I love the feeling of riding a freshly, revived bike!” Throughout Brian’s community, he is highly involved with coaching the Eden Prairie’s Ultimate Frisbee Team. As a coach, he works with all the players, parents, ultimate organizations, and other coaches in the area. He notes that varsity took third in state last year and he is training his team to do even better in the coming years. Brian is also involved in a gender equity committee, working to address the concerns of equity in the sport and trying to pave the way for other sports to follow. At LKPB Engineers, Brian is constantly developing his skills. He has learned how to use the tools in the industry such as AutoCAD, Revit, and more as well as the handling of project flow. But, above all those technical aspects, Brian has learned how to carry himself professionally among other engineers as well as improving his problem solving.