Meet the Team

Brandyn DeMers
Marketing Coordinator

Brandyn, LKPB’s Marketing Coordinator, has many personal highs. However, one he is most proud of is his willingness to travel to over 20 countries in his lifetime. Time is precious and Brandyn takes advantage when he can. As an avid traveler, Brandyn wishes he could step foot in the mountains and valleys of New Zealand as well as laying under the stars on an African safari. Secretly, as a traveler, Brandyn has become an aviation geek and can name any commercial aircraft close-up or from afar. Professionally, he is most proud of earning his marketing degree in three years rather than four. He chose LKPB due to the fun culture and the ability to wear many different hats in the Marketing Department. He has learned many skills throughout his career so far and wishes to dive deeper into the marketing sector as his creative skills continually advance.