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Understanding How Building Commissioning Works in Contracting

Building commissioning can save building owners the headache of improperly functioning systems. Even after a building and its systems have been planned, designed, constructed, and installed, certain components may still function improperly. At LKPB Engineers, we know how important it is to ensure that all of your building’s systems function the way they are intended to. To help you understand the importance of this process, we’ve put together a quick overview of its implementation in contracting.

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Save Money With Our Pre-Design and Planning Services

Throughout the process of new building construction, proper planning is critical. A well-constructed plan helps ensure the project’s success and creates a foundation from which to build. Before building design begins, LKPB Engineers strongly recommends undergoing a pre-design process. During this process, our team will conduct a variety of studies designed to give insight into the design phase of the project. Once completed, these studies will help determine the most cost-effective systems appropriate for the project. What is pre-design and planning and how can it save you money? Read on to find out.

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How Life Cycle Cost Analysis Benefits Your Building’s Efficiency

Life cycle cost analysis (LCCA) can give building owners insight into the efficiency of their buildings. While the upfront cost of owning a building is quite obvious, operational costs can quickly exceed expectations. To allow owners and managers to develop the most efficient and cost-effective operational planning, life cycle cost analysis is critical. At LKPB Engineers, we know how important it is that your business operates at maximum efficiency, which is why we perform extensive LCCA. How can life cycle cost analysis ensure operational efficiency? Read on to find out.

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