We’re making big strides towards the last step in our rebranding process at LKPB Engineers; the lease has been signed for our new office space in the Twin Cities! It’s in Northeast Minneapolis, just 2.7 miles from our current location. An 8450sf space in the southwest wing of the 6th floor at Broadway Ridge Office Center, with a great view of Downtown! More important than the location, is the choice of this building over many others and finally the design process to create the most productive, integrated space possible.

A big part of the decision-making included the amenities we would be able to offer our growing number of employees as well as the convenience of meeting with our clients, potentials and other firms. Our new location will have an upgraded fitness facility with showers, breakfast and lunch available on site, a larger outdoor space, larger shared conference rooms, indoor parking for some and still plenty of on-site, free surface parking.

More information is coming in about the details of the design as well. Including some things that are bringing us into the future of office culture. The first change our clients will see is that we’ll have no traditional reception, simply an app-based visitor management kiosk on a table at the entry. As they’re greeted by whom they have called, they will see our space has transitioned to 6x6 sit/stand cubicles, meant to encourage flexibility and a more digital-based practice, with less plotted sets laying on, and rolled up under, desks. The engineers, designers and principals will be intermixed, in a shared space along the windows. Additionally, we’ll have laptops instead of desktops for flexible schedules and capabilities of moving within the office to collaboration or break-out areas.

LKPB will be designing the electrical and mechanical for the space, and we’ve teamed up with bdh+young, and Fluid Interiors for the project to complete the space that we will be moving into Fall of 2017.

They had a few things to say about the details of their contributions:


At bdh+young, we value an integrated team approach that builds upon creating lasting connections, a solid foundation of research and experience, and the creativity of unique design solutions.

In collaboration with Fluid Interiors, we listened to LKPB’s brand vision and objectives in order to provide thoughtful responses to their specific needs. The color pallet was inspired by the company’s fresh new logo and brand, emphasizing their new identity. We worked very closely with LKPB during this process and were encouraged to provide the most up-to-date workstations, an open breakroom and to really showcase the amazing views throughout. The space was designed with stand-up collaboration tables, white board paint in all huddle rooms, and filing islands throughout the workstations. LKPB puts a tremendous value on their employees, and we feel these option will greatly influence their continued growth and will really put the employee experience at the forefront of LKPB’s new space.


Fluid Interiors has worked closely with bdh+young to help LKPB outfit furniture for their new office location.  Within the furniture design intent, we wanted to incorporate a fresh new office vibe supporting more wellness and collaboration options for LKPB employees.  There will be four separate enclosed huddle rooms with bar height tables to promote standing during meetings.  Individual workstations will have an open bull pen layout to promote teamwork amongst co-workers.  Every desk will have a 70”W x 29”D electronic height adjustable table that can be raised effortlessly throughout the day based on user needs.  There will also be an incorporation of (5) hoteling stations for employees who choose to not have a permanent home and just need a quick place to touch down. (This is especially helpful for our Rochester-based employees when they are in the Twin Cities office for collaboration.)


We are thrilled to work with these talented firms and are eager to see the new space in person! A post-holiday Open House will be hosted in early 2018 to unveil our new space to our clients and fellow-industry professionals and in February 2019, we’ll be celebrating our 50th anniversary! Stay tuned for more information about this exciting time at LKPB Engineers.