It’s a good time to consider solar energy. The demand is rising, costs are lowering, and federal and state incentives allow businesses to start saving money as soon as they implement solar panels. Owning a solar energy system allows your company to achieve energy independence, reduce your carbon footprint, and save on utility bills.


When you invest in renewable energy, you can expect a significant ROI, as well as competitive advantages. LKPB Engineers offers solar energy solutions for your business. We can perform a facility assessment and design the right solar system that suitable for your property.


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1.      You Can Reduce Your Operating Costs


The average commercial property owner pays approximately $2,000 a month on electricity bills. After installing rooftop solar, energy costs drop to about $500 a month. Solar energy saves you money in energy bills, systems operations and maintenance, and equipment costs. Solar panel equipment and installation costs have come down, making them more affordable.


2.      Reduce Your Carbon Footprint


Commercial properties account for 39% of CO2 emissions in the U.S. annually. Most of these emissions come from the combustion of fossil fuels to provide heating, cooling, lighting, and to power appliances and electrical equipment.


The carbon footprint of solar power is significantly lower than coal or gas, which is often utilized to power HVAC, lighting, and electrical equipment. This remains true after accounting for emissions during manufacturing, construction, and fuel supply.


3.      You Receive From Tax Benefits


Congress extended the solar tax credits for business owners in Minnesota. The bill contains a 5-year solar tax credit extension, which makes solar systems more affordable for companies looking for a better alternative to energy consumption.


The federal solar tax credit allows you to deduct 30 percent of the cost of installing a solar energy system from your federal taxes. And there is no cap on the value of your investment. The average business can save over $7,000 on the cost of going solar in the first year alone.


4.      You Add Value to Your Property


Although solar panels do add value to your property, there are several variables you need to consider before making the purchase. For instance, if you install solar panels on a building in poor condition, you can’t expect a high ROI until you make structural renovation and upgrades.


If you decide to purchase a cheap solar system, can’t expect it to improve your property value.


By working with a reputable solar equipment provider with the experience and resources, you’re likely to invest in a quality system that is worth the money. A reputable provider can offer a comprehensive solar panel warranty to back a high-quality product so that you avoid potential pitfalls. A qualified LKPB energy consultant can also help identify the many factors that may impact the overall value of a commercial solar installation.

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