A  healthy business relationship between building design engineers, construction crews, and building engineers is achieved when all three work together to verify and document that all of the commissioned systems and assemblies have been planned, designed, installed, tested, operated, and maintained to meet the owner’s project requirements.


Building engineers are always walking a high tightrope with very little room for error. One mistake could end in thousands of dollars wasted and failure to meet building codes, deadlines, and construction budget.


LKPB Engineers offers building commissioning to ensure that enhance the delivery of product by that plans, designs, and installation goes according to project specifications. Below are some of the challenges of achieving this objective.

1. Timeline and Budget Constraints

Building commissioning starts with establishing realistic budgets and timelines. Building owners are always anxious about both. After all, buildings equate business, and if business is interrupted due to extensions in the construction and design or exceeding budget expectations, it could cost the company.


To give a company the profitable solution it seeks, the commissioning process must minimize capital costs and ongoing operating expenses. The project must meet deadlines and adhere to budget requirements. LKPB Engineers must communicate effectively and proactively with corporate, regarding the timing and budget of the project. The more planning and testing perform up front, the more confidence we will instill from upper management for future projects.

2. Overlooking Potential Savings With New Approaches

Conventional building methods can present a stumbling block to freshes approaches for new technology, sustainable building designs, and modern building systems. Moving all teams past the This is the way we’ve always done it mentality takes some education, vision and a tremendous amount of patience.


When introducing a new building concept, construction crews, and building owners what to know the why. What is the purpose of new building materials? How will sustainability save money? Why are modern building systems better than tried-and-true conventional systems?


Building engineers must identify alternative materials, trades, or crafts that can help you achieve building owners meet end goals while saving precious capital. LKPB Engineers can partner with you to find opportunities to reduce project timelines, building specs, and budget providing better solutions for building design.

3. Optimizing Building Material and Equipment Resources

Engineers are responsible for the makeup and design of the process, as well as, equipment and material selection, detailed equipment sizing and selection, documentation, management, and commissioning planning & execution.


These are all vitally important components of a project—and each requires a significant commitment of attention, detail, and hours. All of this requires a team of experts who can focus and excel in their areas of strength while delegating

4. Communication With Construction Teams

If engineers are constantly bombarded with questions from construction teams, it’s obvious there’s a breakdown in communication. Construction teams require scores of data points to begin and continue construction. If the data is either insufficient or inaccurate, the construction will come to a halt.


Proper communication - or the lack thereof - is a core element in engineering that can make or break a firm’s reputation. Design plans and schematics are the most basic of documents for any construction process, and they are the foundation for all documents to follow. Every critical aspect of the process must be identified and communicated well, or the contractor will not know how to proceed. This can be a very tedious and time-consuming process that the right engineer firm can help push forward.

5. Minimizing Changes in the Commissioning Process

Sudden changes in design and construction can cost money, time, and strained relationships between all entities involved in the project. Although they are perceived as a common reality for process teams, the goal for engineers to eliminate them all together.


This is why engineering firms are valuable in the pre-design and master planning phase of commercial building construction. The way to prevent the far-reaching negative impact of change orders from occurring is to apply detailed engineering concepts before construction. Engineers must complete feasibility studies, define equipment specs, vet design concepts and ideas, and create compliance and permit strategy based on the overall building design.

Taking care of these steps early on allows all construction to build a detailed, fully completed project plan and effectively schedule all necessary benchmarks to keep the project in place.

LKPB Commercial Building Commissioning Services

At LKPB Engineers, utilize building commissioning to ensure that your building systems and equipment work the way they are intended to work and that your team knows exactly how to operate them. We bring years of experience and skill to commercial building projects.


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