The purpose of ventilation is to exhaust pollutants from a building as well as provide clean, fresh air from the outside. Whether the air is entering or exiting the building, it has to pass through a filtering system to minimize or eliminate pollutants and harmful airborne substance.


The main issue on the table for LKPB Engineers is how to create ventilation systems that provide comfort for all occupants while contributing to the overall performance of an HVAC system.

What are Some of the Main Problems With Building Ventilation?

The first step in improving your ventilation system is identifying what the problems are where they are located in your building.


Some of the most common problems include:

Little Opportunity for Restructuring

The ventilation system either needs to be repositioned or rerouted. You may need to extend the ventilation or find ways to reduce the length. The problem is that your building’s design may present little opportunity for retrofitting the system.

Unbalanced Air Distribution

Part of your building may provide little ventilation. Occupants in this area may experience discomfort due to stagnant air. The other part of your building, however, may have high levels of ventilation. Thus, the air is distributed unevenly.

Leaks in the System

Leaks occur in older buildings or buildings that suffer from poor structural design. Leaks can happen in the ductwork, vertical shafts, or loose connections.

Contamination in the Building

Contamination sources are present in a building, leading to potential health problems. The building owner may try to accelerate the airflow. Speeding up airflow rarely works, however. In most case, it forces more pollutants into the building.

Improvements You Can Make in the Ventilation System

If your building is suffering from poor ventilation, LKPB Engineers can improve your building's performance by focusing on a few critical areas.

Whole Building Ventilation

Rather than isolating segments of your building, we utilize a whole building approach. By looking at your structure’s entire framework, we can retrofit a ventilation system the channels air through the interior in a more balanced manner.

Indoor Air Quality

Quality air starts with an efficient, clean HVAC system. We may start by assessing your old HVAC system. You need to upgrade some of the components or consider an entire system replacement including the central unit and ductwork. A new HVAC will produce cleaner air and improve ventilation.

Natural Ventilation

Natural ventilation supplies air to and removes it from your building without using mechanical systems. We can analyze the natural air flow around your building and utilize natural pressure to drive air through the building with the assistance of mechanical systems.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling

By implementing geothermal heating and cooling in your building, you eliminate air that comes from a traditional HVAC system. Thus, you reduce the possibility of polluted air flowing through the interior without sacrificing a comfortable indoor temperature. Geothermal systems are available for commercial structures.

Improve Ventilation for Your Commercial Building With LKPB Engineers

If poor ventilation is affecting the health and comfort of the occupants in your building, you can turn to LKPB Engineers to help you discover solutions for improving the air flow.


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