As plan your building project, you’ll want to go through the necessary steps to ensure that all entities involved design and build your structure according to plan. The slightest miscalculation could set you back by thousands of dollars or cause you to miss your deadlines.


Building commissioning assists you in this process. LKPB Engineers offers comprehensive building commissioning service that analyzes and addresses all possible issues with your commercial structure.


Below we take a closer look at how building commissioning can save you time and money.

Understanding Building Commissioning

Understanding Build Commissioning

Building commissioning plays a vital role in helping you manage and deliver a construction project. Our engineers can you verify and document all systems and structural components to make sure they meet your requirements, as well as state and local building codes.


Some of the systems we analyze include:


●        Heating

●        Air Conditioning

●        Lighting

●        Electrical

●        Plumbing & Sanitation


We may able evaluate these systems during planning, implementation, or post-construction. In some cases, you may discover that a system is operating correctly.


The idea is to address and correct potential issues on the front end so that we don’t have to come back month after you complete the project and fix the problems.

Sustainability: An Important Part of the Process


The need for developing sustainable solutions in building construction continues to rise. Sustainability solves a range of issues such as:


●        Operating and energy costs

●        Maintenance and replacement costs

●        Reusable building materials

●        Employee productivity

●        Building layout and construction


LKPB Engineers target opportunities for you to create a more sustainable environment on your entire property including the building and grounds.


ASHRAE Standard 202-2013

We recommend the ASHRAE 202-2013 - Commissioning Process for Buildings and Systems. The American Society of Heating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) was founded 1894 and continues to set the standard for building commissioning.


Standard 202-2013 describes how to plan, conduct, and document this vital part of a successful project. Informative appendices provide sample documentation, including checklists, systems manual, reports, training plan, and more. 


The Benefits of Commissioning

The most significant benefit of commissioning is that it provides the basis for ensuring that architects, designers, contractors, and engineers complete your building to your exact specifications.


More specifically, commissioning offers the following:

Increased Energy Savings

Simply put, efficient systems utilize less energy. Commissioning helps you implement sustainable systems that reduce maintenance, energy, and replacement costs.

System Optimization

LKPB Engineers can help you get the most out of your systems by analyzes potential weaknesses and then making the necessary adjustments or upgrades. We can all your systems operating at peak performance.

Improved Dependability

You don’t have to worry that your systems are going to break down after you complete the project. While all building components need maintenance from time to time, you shouldn’t have to worry about your systems operating when you need them the most.

Comfortable and Safe Working Environments

Environmental safety should be a priority with building owners. Through building commissioning, we can identify potential hazards in the workplace. We may also make suggestions on how to optimize comfort levels for your employees.

Building Commissioning Services in Minneapolis, Minnesota

If you are looking for a way to optimize your building’s performance while saving money on energy costs, contact LKPB Engineers. We offer a wide range of services designed to help building owners during all phases of construction projects.


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