A building’s power distribution system is at the heart of the facility’s operations. Your facility’s power distribution needs will vary according to the size of your operation and the type of electrical equipment you use. Installing state-of-the-art, efficient power distribution systems geared to meet the specific needs of your organization helps keep your facility’s operations and efficiency at peak capacity.


 Finding a solution that fits your needs can help protect your building’s equipment and keep your facility in top shape. Our experts at LKPB can design state-of-the-art power distribution systems specifically geared to meet your organization’s needs and protect the equipment in your facility.


Protecting Sensitive Electrical Equipment

Many industries rely on sensitive electrical equipment. In the information age, electronic devices often contain important data and information key to operations. Healthcare facilities and organizations that rely on sensitive computer equipment can find their operations seriously disrupted by equipment malfunctions.


Examples of sensitive electrical equipment:

●        Point-of-sale systems

●        Medical equipment

●        Robotics and automation

●        Security systems

●        Telecommunications

●        Computers


Disruptions in Power Can Damage Equipment

Sensitive electrical equipment requires a constant supply of power to function consistently. When power is not distributed evenly, electronic equipment can become damaged. Spikes, surges, and brownouts can all damage equipment. Electrical equipment affected by problems with current may overheat, and components may become damaged. A brief disruption in power may cost an organization dearly if important information is lost.


Some of the problems that can arise from uneven currents include the following:


●        Data errors

●        Equipment failure

●        Loss of memory

●        Power supply problems

●        System lockout

●        Automatic resets



Conditioned Power Distribution Solution

Conditioned power distribution systems are designed to protect your facility from electrical damage that occurs as a result of these spikes or surges. Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems can protect equipment in case of a brief power outage. UPS systems provide temporary backup power to prevent an interruption in power, offering an ideal solution for data centers and medical facilities.


Our team of electrical experts can engineer power distribution systems to maintain a constant current. At LKPB, our experienced electrical engineering professionals can help you develop a power distribution system to ensure your equipment remains safe and functional. We can help ensure the service to each of your facilities is specifically geared to meet the unique needs of your operation.


Expert Electrical Engineers in Minnesota

Our electricians can provide diagrams, schedules, load flow analysis, and specifications to help provide your organization with the best fit for its power distribution systems. Our team of mechanical engineering experts can also help with HVAC system design, building energy modeling services, fire sprinkler design, and plumbing design. As LEED engineers, we offer expertise in renewable energy consulting and building energy audits. Whether you need help with campus HVAC and mechanical design or designing a power distribution system to meet your needs, we can help. For more information, call us at 612-540-5000, or you can message us on our contact page.