In the changing face of American healthcare, healthcare facilities face a number of challenges when it comes to providing patient-centered care. When it comes to healthcare, effective, efficient building communications could mean the difference between life and death. The ability to relay key information to hospital staff anywhere in the building is central to effective healthcare communication.


LKPB in Minnesota offers solutions to help healthcare facilities improve their communication systems.


Reduce Healthcare Communications Errors

With the pressure to serve more patients than ever while reducing costs, healthcare organizations are focusing on finding more ways to reduce waste. As healthcare facility administration and patient-provider teams shift to accommodate these pressures, communication is more important than ever. Communication breakdowns are responsible for high rates of errors in patient care.


Poor communication can also increase the likelihood of serious problems including:

●        Medical error

●        Accidental death

●        Accidental injury

●        HIPAA violations

●        Lower patient satisfaction

●        Fines


Implement Systems Unique to Healthcare Needs

A healthcare facility’s communication systems must be uniquely adapted to the needs of the healthcare industry. Many hospitals and healthcare facilities rely on outdated systems. Everyone on a care team must be able to securely access information, and communication systems need to be able to seamlessly integrate with other communications systems.


Increased Functionality in Nurse Call Systems

In the past, offered a limited approach to patient care. However, in the digital age, advances in nurse call systems allow complete communication with every member of a care team instantly. These systems provide instant sharing of information between a patient and his or her healthcare providers. Increased nurse call system functionality minimizes room for error based on communication as they integrate data across devices and platforms.


Reliable Physiological Monitoring Systems

Monitoring patients is a cornerstone of providing high-quality patient care. Patient monitoring systems should connect with other communications systems and instantly communicate with a care team while maintaining HIPAA compliance. Our non-invasive physiological monitoring systems allow a healthcare team to easily and accurately monitor a patient or facility resident. A comprehensive patient monitoring system offers a complete picture of a patient’s health, improving safety outcomes.


Engineers With Healthcare Facility Expertise

At LKPB, our team of professionals is comprised of expert engineers with national recognition for our work on many projects. We have an in-depth understanding of concerns unique to healthcare communications, including financial, administrative, and technical needs. We understand the important role of communications and system reliability in keeping patients safe and improving outcomes.


Our portfolio includes more than 75 healthcare facilities, including:

●        Wellness centers

●        Hospitals

●        Clinics

●        Nursing Homes

●        Assisted Living Complexes

●        Dental Clinics


Minnesota Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Experts

With more than 40 years of experience in mechanical engineering, we also offer solutions for HVAC system design, plumbing design, fire sprinkler design, and building energy modeling services. Our LEED Engineers can also provide renewable energy consulting and building energy audits. Whether you need our expertise with updating your healthcare facility’s communications systems or campus HVAC and mechanical design, we can help. For more information, call us at 612-540-5000, or you can message us on our contact page.