If you’re looking to cut energy usage costs, a building energy audit can help save you money. Inefficient or outdated system design can lead to overpayment on energy expenses. At LKPB Engineers, our expert team can analyze your current system and provide suggestions for improvement. By optimizing the energy-efficiency of your facility, you save on energy costs while reducing your environmental footprint. We offer the following services to help you reduce energy waste and optimize system performance:


Lighting Audit and Retrofitting

To help reduce your energy consumption, we offer a comprehensive analysis of your current lighting usage. As part of our audit, LKPB Engineers performs a detailed assessment of your lighting system. We use this evaluation to determine how your systems are being used and where they can be optimized. Our lighting audit is designed to:


●        Identify necessary repairs or replacements that may be wasting energy

●        Increase the efficiency of your lighting system

●        Help accommodate facility changes and business volume fluctuations


Once we’ve performed a detailed evaluation of your current lighting system, we can begin implementing solutions. Our team of experts will retrofit your current system with updated, energy-efficient components. This will help ensure maximum performance at reduced cost.


Motor Energy Audits and Retrofitting

Motor energy audits are performed to help determine where motor usage costs can be reduced. Various building components including compressors and fans require extensive motor usage. Over time, various motor components can degrade, resulting in poor performance and energy waste. Our expert team of engineers will perform a detailed analysis of your building’s current motor energy usage. This allows us to determine any performance or safety issues that could be driving up your energy costs.


After performing a detailed evaluation, our team of LEED engineers will recommend solutions to optimize your motor performance. Whether you need repair or replacement, our team will help you make the most cost-effective decision for your business.


Daylight Harvesting Assessment

Daylight harvesting can drastically reduce your building’s energy usage. Often times, natural lighting can easily satisfy your lighting needs. By reducing the amount of electric lighting you consume, your energy costs decrease. Our expert team provides a comprehensive analysis of your current electric lighting usage and determines where this usage can be reduced.


Rebate Assessment

More than likely, your utility company offers a rebate program for energy-efficient improvements. At LKPB, our team will help determine if your business qualifies for any of these cost-saving programs. Not only does this help offset the cost of such improvements, it also provides an incentive for optimizing your building’s energy usage.


Cost-Reducing Solutions from LKPB Engineers

When you’re looking to optimize your building’s energy usage, LKBP Engineers can help. We offer comprehensive building energy audits for business owners in the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. If you’d like to determine where you’re building’s energy usage can be improved, contact our team of experts for an evaluation. To schedule your consultation, call us at 612-540-5000, or you can message us on our contact page.