Every year, energy costs go up with no signs of a reprieve. In fact, in 2018 alone, many businesses nationwide will experience anywhere from 5% to 35% increases in their utilities. If you own a business in the Twin Cities metro area, now is the time to take advantage of energy-efficient, low-cost systems throughout your entire facility. LKPB’s Life Cycle Costing Analysis program can help you meet that objective.


Life Cycle Costing and Analysis

Through life cycle costing and analysis, building owners can make informed decisions about system performance in their facilities. Some examples include:


●        Project future resources that may be required over the expected life cycle of systems and components

●        Improve system design for lower cost and improved efficiency

●        Compare costs associated with various options, and determine which solution will provide the best value over time


How Does Life Cycle Analysis Help Your Business?

Life cycle costing analysis services provide you with better options for saving money in your facility by giving you more accurate readings of your systems’ current performance. We provide you with a straightforward measure of your expected costs over the lifespan of your facility. What categories do we look at?


Initial Costs. Costs associated with acquisition, renovation, and construction, as well as any equipment that is needed for the facility’s operations.


Operation Costs. Variables in costs such as building age, maintenance standards, and operating schedules.


Energy. We can assess energy use based on analysis and the use of specialized software. We also factor in current energy rates.


Water. Water costing analysis is based on overall water consumption and disposal costs.


Maintenance and Repair. We can determine what your potential maintenance and repair costs could be as your building gets older.


Systems Replacement Costs. We determine replacement costs based on your systems’ current conditions and workload


We created the life cycle costing analysis service to provide you with the answers you need to plan for the future and get the most out of your building’s performance.


Contact LKPB to Learn About Life Cycle Costing and Analysis

LKPB Engineers is dedicated to helping your business save money on energy costs. We utilize tools such as the life cycle costing and analysis so that you can see just how much money you are sinking into the facility. We also provide solutions for helping you put that money back into your pocket. To find out more about our mechanical engineering, system design, and renewable energy services, contact us at 612-540-5000, or you can message us on our contact page.