With the rising cost of building energy in the US, you owe it to your business to find smarter ways of consuming electricity. LKPB Engineers design advanced power distribution systems that offer high performance and low maintenance. We can inspect your current systems to determine what upgrades we need to perform to save you money down the road. Below is a summary of how building power distribution design can enhance your electrical system.


Benefits of Power Distribution Design


Power Accommodation. We can ensure that the electrical service to each of your facilities can meet user demand. We provide load flow analysis for virtually any type of project.


Comprehensive Assessment. Instead of dealing with small problems along the way, we can give you a detailed assessment that takes care of all issues regarding your electrical system’s efficiency.


Accurate Analysis. We can help you make informed decisions about maintenance or replacement plans for your electrical systems based on actual data and real research.


Safe, Efficient Operation. Our thorough analysis of your building’s electrical systems will determine whether your current electrical systems are operating correctly, safely, and efficiently.


Power Distribution Services We Offer

We offer a wide range of building power distribution design solution that can match any need you may have. Some of our services include:


Conditioned Power Distribution Systems. We design conditioned power distribution systems that help your computer and other electronic equipment run safely and reliably.


Uninterrupted Power Supply. We can create temporary backup power if you have a power outage in the building. You’ll never have to lose data again.


Emergency Power Systems. LKPB engineers can integrate reliable emergency power systems that provide the monitoring and control you need.


Site Utilities. You now can use new electrical power distribution utilities, or upgrade existing ones as needed. From initial design to implementation, LKPB Engineers has your site utility needs covered.


Lightning Protection. Lightning protection systems are designed to protect people and property. We evaluate vital factors such as location, occupancy, and other considerations to develop a lightning protection system for your needs.


Power Distribution Design From LKPB

At LKPB Engineers our mission is to help your commercial or industrial facility be as energy-efficient and cost-effective as possible. Our engineers develop cost-saving solutions for all types of buildings in Rochester, Minnesota and the surrounding Twin Cities metro area. If you have any questions about our services or need to set up an initial consultation, contact LKPB today at 612-540-5000, or you can message us on our contact page.