Engineers have developed some of the most innovative and mind-blowing mechanical designs throughout history. When thinking about skyscrapers, bridges, tunnels, transportation, exploration, and many other facets of technology, you can thank engineers for bringing them into existence and improving them through the years. Modern technology, however, brings with it current problems from time to time. While some mechanical failures are costly, others can be disastrous.


Below are four mechanical flaws that can cause problems in large-scale projects If you identify these types of deficiencies in your building’s systems, you should contact LKPB engineers. We can identify the problems in the engineering and correct the to keep your systems safe at all times.


1. Human Failures

In essence, almost all mechanical failures are in some way connected to human error. Even the most skilled and attentive engineers can overlook small items that turn an engineering feat into an engineering failure. For this reason, LKPB engineers test, retest, and recheck all mechanical systems in all phases of development from design to implementation.


2. Design Flaws

Mechanical design flaws occur every day. The question is when do they happen? In an ideal scenario, they should occur during the testing phase of development. This way, issues with the design can be corrected before implementation. LKPB mechanical engineering solutions are tested time and again. Everything we design - HVAC system design, plumbing design, fire sprinkler design, and all mechanical designs - go through a rigorous systems check before you use them in your building.


3. Material Failures

Sometimes mechanical failure occurs when the materials used in developing the product were not adequate to meet the demands of the function. To cut costs or meet deadlines, companies may use cheaper products that do not have the durability to handle the workload. If the material breaks down during use, so will the entire design. For this reason, we use the highest-quality products in the industry to ensure that the systems in your building will not break down.


4. Extreme Conditions or Environments

When a mechanical system breaks down, one of the question engineers ask is, what were the environmental conditions in which the system was exposed? Was it too hot or cold for the design or the materials used? Was there too much dust and dirt and not enough ventilation? When helping you design your HVAC or plumbing system we always consider environmental conditions. We can then engineer systems that will handle different conditions.


Mechanical Engineering Solutions From LKPB

At LKPB, our engineers are committed to making every system in your facility run more efficiently with smart solutions that help you save money. We will analyze all of your systems to help you determine what upgrades you need and how to make the systems safer to use. To schedule an initial evaluation contact us at 612-540-5000, or you can message us on our contact page. We provide mechanical services, electrical services, and specialty services for business owners in Rochester, Minneapolis, and St. Paul, Minnesota. Save money with LKPB engineers.