The thought of rebranding can be scary, it’s a big process and you’ll wonder if people will recognize you in the end. That’s the secret, of course they will, as long as your updated logo, website and overall vision represents who the company is, now. A company that has the same logo for the last 25 years, or 28 in our case, has likely changed to a bigger office, updated their technology and yes, hired new people. At some point, someone will walk through the front door, after seeing your logo on a business card or scrolling your outdated website without mobile capabilities on their phone, and your company won’t match the image of you they’ve created in their head.


We had that problem. We were being recognized as an old firm with a lot of knowledge but our innovation and full capabilities were being overlooked. When we could get new clients and talent in the door, they had to be willing to hear what we had to say, because our first impression wasn’t good. Our brand needed to reflect our performance.


LKPB Engineers started the process of rebranding with asking the employees for their input. That’s what makes a company, its employees. Their ideas and vision make our projects come to life so we wanted their ideas and vision reflected in our new identity.


In October of last year Mike Westemeier, Alex Quast, Tom Heinz, Lewis Anderson, Karla Sampson and John Costello started an audit of our brand, along with Bedore Business Group (BeBG) and Triton Commerce. They did an internal review of LKPB, interviewed external clients to understand ‘who we are’ to them, and used the information to develop our new message.


We were familiar, but outdated. A new logo, a new website, and a new office space were necessary to represent not just the new LKPB Engineers, but the future of the company as well.  Looking at our logo on the shirt of a project manager at a client meeting or sending our website link to a potential employee should represent the expertise and service we have proven we are capable of. Six months later, we can proudly say, “it does!”


Our principals put their final thoughts into the website in March. Last week we went live and BeBG presented the final logo and website designs to the rest of the group at an in-office celebration! It really was something to “cheers” mimosas to; our company is being recognized for what it has become and we have a solid outlook on our future.