When designing ventilation systems in commercial or industrial properties, there are two key factors you should consider: efficiency and comfort. Both will save you money and maintain productivity in your business. LKPB Engineers can help you develop a cost-effective ventilation system by utilizing computational fluid dynamics (CFD). This advanced approach to system design will help you find solutions to issues that will arise in your building’s floorplan. Below we discuss what computational fluid dynamics is, as well as its features and benefits.


What are the Challenges to a Ventilation System?

Before we implement CFD, we first look at the challenges that hinder proper ventilation function. Some of the challenges would include:


Drafts. No matter how well-designed your ventilation system is, drafts will always affect its performance. Drafts keep us from measuring how well the ventilation is working in our building.


Temperature Variations. The whole purpose of ventilation is to equip your building to deal with temperature variations. No matter what the temperature is outside, ventilation will aid your HVAC system in controlling the temperature inside.


Environmental Conditions. Environmental conditions entail what is going on outside and inside your building. What the wind conditioners outside? What does the floor plan look like and how many floors are there in the structure.


How Does Computational Fluid Dynamics Solve the Challenges?

CFD utilizes numerical analysis and data to analyze and solve the problem that includes air or fluid flow. We monitor air flow using advanced computer software. By monitoring ventilation, we can create scenarios that will improve its performance. Simulations in similar structural designs give us a good indication of how well the plans will work in your building. We can model movement, temperature, and environmental conditions. Once we have the data, we can determine how to help you develop your floor plan on a new project or renovate your current building.


What Are the Benefits of Computational Fluid Dynamics?

If you have a more detailed analysis of how certain conditions are affecting the ventilation in your building, you’ll be able to develop a more energy efficient floor plan. CFD has several other benefits:


●        A safer and more comfortable environment for those working in your building

●        Strategic positioning for temperature sensors, radiators, and air inlets

●        Improved airflow and thermal management

●        Cost-effective design solutions that you can discover before construction

●        No need for building redesign


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