Modern HVAC systems have numerous features that provide comfort and efficiency in commercial buildings. In addition to providing the adequate heating and cooling, we also install systems that provide air quality throughout the entire facility. The key to advanced technology, however, is not all the bells and whistles it offers, but how efficiently it performs in large-scale commercial or industrial settings. We can optimize a system’s efficiency by engineering the appropriate design throughout the structure. Keep in mind; no one-size-fits-all HVAC system works in all buildings.


Even if the unit is the same, you’ll still have to consider how the system will distribute air to every room on every level of the facility. This custom approach works to your benefit to ensure that we can maximize heating and cooling efficiency according to building energy modeling services that we provide. Below is a list of components to consider when putting the entire model together. You can save money by installing the right element for the right place.


●        Critical Mission Systems. If your business or facility depends on heating and cooling equipment to work around the clock, LKPB engineers can develop the right system for your building. For instance, certain facilities such as hospitals, laboratories, and data centers require HVAC units to function without fail. Our job is to figure out how you can save money with the right units.

●        Building Automation. Automation has become a necessary component in reducing HVAC system design usage through the hottest and coldest times of year in Minneapolis. Automation gives you the power to control and program all units in your building from a remote device at the touch of a button. Automation also allows you to monitor usage so that you can make adjustments as you go. You can customize your settings based on building occupancy, reduce the installation and operating costs, and protect the facility from system failure.

●        GeoThermal Options. Since underground temperature remains stable throughout the year, geothermal systems can work in a more stable environment to produce consistent temperatures without being affected by the winds, moisture, or fluctuating temperatures outside. These systems deliver more consistent air in a more efficient manner because they’re not continually kicking on and off. They are ideal for commercial building owners looking to save money from month to month on their heating and cooling bills.


Money-Saving Solutions from LKPB Engineers

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