When a student graduates from high school and has the world in front of them, what options will present the best possible outcome to guarantee future success?  I’m sure many people first think Medical, Law or even Business school is the best option for a successful future.  What isn’t as well publicized is just how many routes can open up for you long term after going into an Engineering program.  When most people hear the phrase ‘engineer’, they immediately think of someone in a lab coat doing research projects, designing widgets at a manufacturing facility, or even working on high tech sensors or microchips.  Obviously, each of these versions of an Engineer are incredibly important and provide great value to our business community.  But one of the best parts of pursuing an Engineering degree, and something you might not think of is it can line up with any type of career path you could possibly imagine.


LKPB Engineers fall into the Architecture, Engineering and Construction classification of engineering, commonly known as AEC. Our engineers are designing, facilitating and managing mechanical, plumbing, electrical and fire protection systems for various construction projects.

At LKPB Engineers, the skillset required for success goes beyond the technical aspects of conventional engineering.  For us, developing a strong technical base is incredibly important to long-term success, but after those critical first few years of your career, we like to explain the career path for people as being very similar to a create-your-own adventure book.  If you enjoy the technical aspects of our profession and want to be a project engineer or eventually a project manager focused on getting projects out the door, this path is available for you.  If you would like to explore the marketing and business development aspects of our profession, we will make sure you gain the tools and skills needed to be comfortable in that type of role.  And if you want to end up in a management or leadership role, once again we will make sure this path is laid our properly for you to accomplish your ultimate goal. 


LKPB Engineers will benefit by attracting the best and brightest folks available to us, and explaining that you will not be pigeon-holed into a specific role is incredibly important.  We believe this is why many of us that have been in the industry for so many years have found happiness, because no matter which area of our business you enjoy, there is a future for you here.  We talk quite a bit about the difference between a job and a career, and we really want everyone that works at LKPB Engineers to feel that they have a career with us! Begin in Engineering, go anywhere!