Employee motivation and focus can be a hard, especially in the summer. Over time, LKPB Engineers has adopted policies to help employees stay focused when in the office and give them the time they need to recuperate or get out of the office when needed.


Beginning the week following Memorial Day, Summer Hours go into effect and employees are able to work their 40 hours by Noon on Friday and head out for the weekend instead of required office hours extending until 3 p.m. like the rest of the year. Meetings are scheduled outside of that time, employees come in early or stay late Monday-Thursday and Friday afternoons become pretty low-key. Those employees that work the full day have the added benefit of a quiet office and no one around to ask for some of your afternoon popcorn.


In addition to Friday afternoons, between Memorial Day and Labor day, just over 2000 vacation and holiday hours were paid. That equates to an average of 51 hours per employee. And many more days that were spent working from home. Currently, 65% of LKPB employees have a laptop in place of existing desktops so they can take their work with them, or plan their time a little differently to make for flexible work days. Being connected with our VPN network and cell phones helps to be disconnected at times too. A vital part of finding a balance.


A Summer Steps Challenge began on the first day of summer, and after eight weeks, three of our eighteen competitors had already walked over a million steps! The challenge has helped to encourage time away from their desks to get a walk in and raise their steps, often after lunch to get some fresh air and make for healthier lifestyles.


The last week in August brought the annual cookout; burgers, brats, potato salad, coleslaw, more kinds of chips than anyone knew existed and freshly-baked cookies! Time was spent laughing and sharing summer stories. A few more hours of work followed, and a handful of the younger engineers, (that included two first-timers, one from India and another from Kansas) took a trip to the Minnesota State Fair!


By the end of September, our Roseville office will be moved into our new space in Minneapolis. This has meant we’ve also had some added life in the office in the form of summer interns, working through documents that needed to be archived. Young men and women popping up in the print rooms and working in the breakroom with extra smiles, getting thanked for doing the work it takes to get LKPB paperless. The presence of these interns has helped to boost morale by reminding everyone how short of a time it will be before we have an open office with lower cubicle walls paired with panoramic windows and a view of downtown Minneapolis.


Summer may be ending but there’s much to look forward to, and that will help to continue the uplifted motivation within the office!