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Lighting Design

Energy Solutions for Commercial Building Design

Because there is long-term value in creating more sustainable buildings. You lower operating costs and add value to the property. Not only do sustainable building practices help the environment and operating costs, but green offices also boost productivity and performance, enhance worker satisfaction, and reduce sick leave and absenteeism.

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The Role of Computer Modeling in Lighting Design

While a room’s components set the tone for the design, light determines how we present the design. It is the finishing touch that puts the entire room on display. Creating a lighting design for your office used to involve a drawn-out process for trial and error, which result in the process of elimination. However, this process could be costly and time-consuming while producing less than favorable results.

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How Building Engineers Are Embracing Green Solutions

Design sustainable buildings using green solutions increases their value as environmental awareness grow throughout the engineer and construction industry. Reducing operating costs and creating safer environments for staff and clients elevates the standards for building design, structural materials, system layouts, retrofits, and ongoing building analysis.

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5 Challenges in Building Commissioning

A healthy business relationship between building design engineers, construction crews, and building engineers is achieved when all three work together to verify and document that all of the commissioned systems and assemblies have been planned, designed, installed, tested, operated, and maintained to meet the owner’s project requirements.

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How to Design Adequate Lighting Distribution for Maximum Efficiency

Creating the best lighting distributions for outdoor lighting is key to providing security and safety for those who will be using the space. Adequate lighting in an outdoor setting is necessary not only for the safety of those who use your building but also for the protection of your property.

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How Power Distribution Systems Protect Your Building's Equipment

A building’s power distribution system is at the heart of the facility’s operations. Your facility’s power distribution needs will vary according to the size of your operation and the type of electrical equipment you use. Installing state-of-the-art, efficient power distribution systems geared to meet the specific needs of your organization helps keep your facility’s operations and efficiency at peak capacity.

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4 Ways to Conserve Your Building’s Energy

In today’s facilities management and contracting world, the relationship between efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmental footprint cannot be overstated. Engineers play important roles in helping their buildings maintain cost-effectiveness while meeting green initiatives.

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How Life Cycle Cost Analysis Benefits Your Building’s Efficiency

Life cycle cost analysis (LCCA) can give building owners insight into the efficiency of their buildings. While the upfront cost of owning a building is quite obvious, operational costs can quickly exceed expectations. To allow owners and managers to develop the most efficient and cost-effective operational planning, life cycle cost analysis is critical. At LKPB Engineers, we know how important it is that your business operates at maximum efficiency, which is why we perform extensive LCCA. How can life cycle cost analysis ensure operational efficiency? Read on to find out.

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How a Building Energy Audit Can Reduce Your Energy Consumption

If you’re looking to cut energy usage costs, a building energy audit can help save you money. Inefficient or outdated system design can lead to overpayment on energy expenses. At LKPB Engineers, our expert team can analyze your current system and provide suggestions for improvement. By optimizing the energy-efficiency of your facility, you save on energy costs while reducing your environmental footprint. We offer the following services to help you reduce energy waste and optimize system performance:

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Building Power Distribution Design Enhances Your Electrical System

With the rising cost of building energy in the US, you owe it to your business to find smarter ways of consuming electricity. LKPB Engineers design advanced power distribution systems that offer high performance and low maintenance. We can inspect your current systems to determine what upgrades we need to perform to save you money down the road. Below is a summary of how building power distribution design can enhance your electrical system.

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