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The Role of Computer Modeling in Lighting Design

While a room’s components set the tone for the design, light determines how we present the design. It is the finishing touch that puts the entire room on display. Creating a lighting design for your office used to involve a drawn-out process for trial and error, which result in the process of elimination. However, this process could be costly and time-consuming while producing less than favorable results.

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The Importance of HVAC Design in Critical Mission Systems

An example of a mission critical system is an HVAC system. If the heating or cooling system goes out, most commercial properties or agencies such as retail centers, hospitals, or educational facilities would no longer operate.

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The Benefits of Chiller Plants in Facilities

The chiller plant is at the core of a building’s operations and overall performance. In more extensive facilities, optimizing is critical for maintaining cool air when it’s hot, maintaining power requirements, and meeting the facility's energy needs.

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Why Solar Energy Makes Sense for Your Commercial Building

It’s a good time to consider solar energy. The demand is rising, costs are lowering, and federal and state incentives allow businesses to start saving money as soon as they implement solar panels. Owning a solar energy system allows your company to achieve energy independence, reduce your carbon footprint, and save on utility bills.

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How Building Engineers Are Embracing Green Solutions

Design sustainable buildings using green solutions increases their value as environmental awareness grow throughout the engineer and construction industry. Reducing operating costs and creating safer environments for staff and clients elevates the standards for building design, structural materials, system layouts, retrofits, and ongoing building analysis.

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How Building Commissioning Could Save Your Property

If you’re getting ready to launch a new construction project in Minneapolis, building commissioning may ensure that you have met all systems and structural requirement. LKPB Engineers can help you with our building commissioning service.

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Emily is Making Big Moves!

Emily joins LKPB Engineers, Inc. as an Electrical Designer with a variety of project types and sizes from her extensive background – from elementary education charter school remodels to the Expo 2017 campus in Astana, Kazakhstan. Emily graduated from the Milwaukee School of Engineering as Valedictorian in the Fall of 2009. She earned her Engineer in Training Certification while attending her University. Emily has built her career in the Midwest, spending time in Milwaukee, Chicago, and Minneapolis.

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4 Things to Consider in a Building Pre-Design Phase of Building Construction

The pre-design phase of construction sets the agenda for every other stage in your construction project. Putting together all the components of your building requires absolute precision and forethought.

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How to Design Adequate Lighting Distribution for Maximum Efficiency

Creating the best lighting distributions for outdoor lighting is key to providing security and safety for those who will be using the space. Adequate lighting in an outdoor setting is necessary not only for the safety of those who use your building but also for the protection of your property.

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How Power Distribution Systems Protect Your Building's Equipment

A building’s power distribution system is at the heart of the facility’s operations. Your facility’s power distribution needs will vary according to the size of your operation and the type of electrical equipment you use. Installing state-of-the-art, efficient power distribution systems geared to meet the specific needs of your organization helps keep your facility’s operations and efficiency at peak capacity.

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