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Mechanical Engineering

From Brand-New to Breakthrough, Rob Pushes Innovation

Rob Lowe joined LKPB Engineers, Inc. as an associate and mechanical project manager back in May 2018 with more than 32 years of experience in the design of plumbing, fire protection, and HVAC systems.

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Emily is Making Big Moves!

Emily joins LKPB Engineers, Inc. as an Electrical Designer with a variety of project types and sizes from her extensive background – from elementary education charter school remodels to the Expo 2017 campus in Astana, Kazakhstan. Emily graduated from the Milwaukee School of Engineering as Valedictorian in the Fall of 2009. She earned her Engineer in Training Certification while attending her University. Emily has built her career in the Midwest, spending time in Milwaukee, Chicago, and Minneapolis.

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How to Design Adequate Lighting Distribution for Maximum Efficiency

Creating the best lighting distributions for outdoor lighting is key to providing security and safety for those who will be using the space. Adequate lighting in an outdoor setting is necessary not only for the safety of those who use your building but also for the protection of your property.

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How Power Distribution Systems Protect Your Building's Equipment

A building’s power distribution system is at the heart of the facility’s operations. Your facility’s power distribution needs will vary according to the size of your operation and the type of electrical equipment you use. Installing state-of-the-art, efficient power distribution systems geared to meet the specific needs of your organization helps keep your facility’s operations and efficiency at peak capacity.

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How Healthcare Facilities Can Improve Their Communication Systems

In the changing face of American healthcare, healthcare facilities face a number of challenges when it comes to providing patient-centered care. When it comes to healthcare, effective, efficient building communications could mean the difference between life and death. The ability to relay key information to hospital staff anywhere in the building is central to effective healthcare communication.

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How Sewers Improve Campus Sanitation

Commercial facilities must offer a safe environment for all occupants. A building can use millions of gallons of water each year. Wastewater management is a key component of public safety and sanitation and a cornerstone of a safe working environment.

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4 Ways to Make Your Building More Comfortable for Occupants

Facility managers who take into consideration their occupants’ comfort find a return in terms of overall wellness and efficiency. Heating and cooling systems can make or break the efficiency of a facility. For most occupants, room temperature provides the optimal comfort level. This range typically falls between 68 and 72° F.

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4 Ways to Conserve Your Building’s Energy

In today’s facilities management and contracting world, the relationship between efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmental footprint cannot be overstated. Engineers play important roles in helping their buildings maintain cost-effectiveness while meeting green initiatives.

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Understanding How Building Commissioning Works in Contracting

Building commissioning can save building owners the headache of improperly functioning systems. Even after a building and its systems have been planned, designed, constructed, and installed, certain components may still function improperly. At LKPB Engineers, we know how important it is to ensure that all of your building’s systems function the way they are intended to. To help you understand the importance of this process, we’ve put together a quick overview of its implementation in contracting.

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Save Money With Our Pre-Design and Planning Services

Throughout the process of new building construction, proper planning is critical. A well-constructed plan helps ensure the project’s success and creates a foundation from which to build. Before building design begins, LKPB Engineers strongly recommends undergoing a pre-design process. During this process, our team will conduct a variety of studies designed to give insight into the design phase of the project. Once completed, these studies will help determine the most cost-effective systems appropriate for the project. What is pre-design and planning and how can it save you money? Read on to find out.

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