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Fire Protection

Stair Pressurization: An Important Safety Feature for Your Building

Minneapolis is lined with high-rise buildings and large structures throughout the city. Whether a condo complex, hotel, or multi-floor commercial space, all buildings with stairwells are required to meet U.S. Commercial Building Code standards for stairwell pressurization. Stairwells — the primary means of escape during a fire — must be designed so the stairwell pressure is higher than that of the rest of the building.

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Has Your Storage Facility Undergone a High Piled Storage Analysis?

The storage of combustible materials in a building in closely packed piles, racks, or on shelves can create a dangerous and unstable environment for workers, visitors, and all parties involved in a facility. Depending on the quantity of stored material, the height of the storage, and how it is stored - the fire code has rules for how to properly configure and protect the building from fire.

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The Importance of Correcting Deficiencies in Your Fire Sprinkler System

The importance of a fully operational fire sprinkler system cannot be overstated. There are a number of common sprinkler system issues that can result in deficiencies. At LKPB Engineers, we offer a comprehensive analysis of your current sprinkler system to detect any abnormalities. Correcting these issues not only protects your building but those inside as well. Whether you’re looking to correct existing issues or implement a custom-designed fire sprinkler system, our experts can help. Here are common issues that may need your attention:

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Does Your Fire Sprinkler Design Meet NFPA Regulations?

Fire safety is a top priority for commercial building owners and business managers. A fire in any business facility leads to property damage and has the potential to cause injury or fatality. If the cost property repair after a fire is high, it could put a company out of business. For this reason, the NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency) implements guidelines to ensure that commercial or industrial sprinkler systems adequately extinguish any fire inside a building (or outside if applicable).

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LKPB Services Highlighted: Fire Protection

LKPB Engineers is well known as an MEP firm, offering services in Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing. But when you venture into our office, or look at a set of our plans for a project, you might find additional services like Medical Gas and Fire Protection System plans and specifications.

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LKPB joins IMEG! See details here.