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The Importance of HVAC Design in Critical Mission Systems

An example of a mission critical system is an HVAC system. If the heating or cooling system goes out, most commercial properties or agencies such as retail centers, hospitals, or educational facilities would no longer operate.

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The Benefits of Chiller Plants in Facilities

The chiller plant is at the core of a building’s operations and overall performance. In more extensive facilities, optimizing is critical for maintaining cool air when it’s hot, maintaining power requirements, and meeting the facility's energy needs.

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How to Design a More Comfortable and Efficient Building Ventilation System

The purpose of ventilation is to exhaust pollutants from a building as well as provide clean, fresh air from the outside. Whether the air is entering or exiting the building, it has to pass through a filtering system to minimize or eliminate pollutants and harmful airborne substance.

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How Healthcare Facilities Can Improve Their Communication Systems

In the changing face of American healthcare, healthcare facilities face a number of challenges when it comes to providing patient-centered care. When it comes to healthcare, effective, efficient building communications could mean the difference between life and death. The ability to relay key information to hospital staff anywhere in the building is central to effective healthcare communication.

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4 Ways to Make Your Building More Comfortable for Occupants

Facility managers who take into consideration their occupants’ comfort find a return in terms of overall wellness and efficiency. Heating and cooling systems can make or break the efficiency of a facility. For most occupants, room temperature provides the optimal comfort level. This range typically falls between 68 and 72° F.

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