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What You Need to Know About LEED Certification

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a rating system developed by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) to evaluate the environmental performance of a building. The system was devised to foster a market shift toward sustainable building design. As an LEED certified company, LKPB Engineers emphasize using LEED-approved methods for making your building more energy-efficient. There are substantial benefits and rewards to becoming LEED compliant including saving money on energy costs, building repairs, and property maintenance over an extended period.

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Minnesota‐based Engineer Re‐Shapes its Future

New office space matches the way LKPB Engineers, Inc. creates innovative solutions for project teams.

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Should Long Winters Affect Your Building’s Architectural Design?

Building engineers have to contend with the climate when designing a commercial structure. Temperatures, humidity, high winds, UV rays, and natural disasters determine how a floor plan will look, the type of systems installed in the building, and the materials used for assembling the structure from the sub-level to the top roof. Thus, long winters affect how we approach every project. You can expect a typical Minnesota cold season to last from October to March. A winter this long should influence every decision you make when erecting your commercial property. Below are a few of the details you should think about.

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How Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis Improves Ventilation

When designing ventilation systems in commercial or industrial properties, there are two key factors you should consider: efficiency and comfort. Both will save you money and maintain productivity in your business. LKPB Engineers can help you develop a cost-effective ventilation system by utilizing computational fluid dynamics (CFD). This advanced approach to system design will help you find solutions to issues that will arise in your building’s floorplan. Below we discuss what computational fluid dynamics is, as well as its features and benefits.

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How the Right HVAC System Design Can Save You Money

Modern HVAC systems have numerous features that provide comfort and efficiency in commercial buildings. In addition to providing the adequate heating and cooling, we also install systems that provide air quality throughout the entire facility. The key to advanced technology, however, is not all the bells and whistles it offers, but how efficiently it performs in large-scale commercial or industrial settings. We can optimize a system’s efficiency by engineering the appropriate design throughout the structure. Keep in mind; no one-size-fits-all HVAC system works in all buildings.

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Does Your Fire Sprinkler Design Meet NFPA Regulations?

Fire safety is a top priority for commercial building owners and business managers. A fire in any business facility leads to property damage and has the potential to cause injury or fatality. If the cost property repair after a fire is high, it could put a company out of business. For this reason, the NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency) implements guidelines to ensure that commercial or industrial sprinkler systems adequately extinguish any fire inside a building (or outside if applicable).

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5 Energy-Saving Solutions for Your Commercial Property

Every year your company is wasting thousands of dollars in energy costs brought on by inefficient systems. We work with large-scale businesses just like yours to find out where you can maintain all of your systems to help sustain them. LKPB engineers can change all of that with cost-saving solutions. Below we feature some of our most effective solutions. If you have any further questions, you can contact us. We'll go over all the details.

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B3 Award

‘B3: Buildings, Benchmarks & Beyond, the Tools and Programs for Sustainable Buildings in Minnesota’ is a specialized design process that is utilized for Minnesota government-funded projects.

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LKPB Engineers

At LKPB Engineers, the skillset required for success goes beyond the technical aspects of conventional engineering. For us, developing a strong technical base is incredibly important to long-term success, but after those critical first few years of your career, we like to explain the career path for people as being very similar to a create-your-own adventure book. If you enjoy the technical aspects of our profession and want to be a project engineer or eventually a project manager focused on getting projects out the door, this path is available for you. If you would like to explore the marketing and business development aspects of our profession, we will make sure you gain the tools and skills needed to be comfortable in that type of role. And if you want to end up in a management or leadership role, once again we will make sure this path is laid our properly for you to accomplish your ultimate goal.

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6th Annual Golf Scramble & Fundraiser

Thank you to our sponsors! Because of your support, we were able to raise $1,000 for Mayo Capital Projects and the Hurricane Relief effort.

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